CMS Vulnerability : Next Steps
Posted by on 15 February 2017 04:48:31 PM
We have noticed that few of our linux shared and VPS outbound server IPs have been blacklisted by Spamhaus/SORBS. We have enabled some additional spam filtering algorithms on these servers in order to prevent any such blacklisting again. Our abuse team has already started communicating with them so that we can take precautionary steps at the earliest.
If any of your email accounts or scripts are sending spam mails, please perform the following steps immediately
* Reset the passwords for email accounts with more complex and secure passwords.
* If a CMS (Wordpress,Joomla etc.) is involved, please check for vulnerable plugins and upgrade the plugins/CMSs as soon as possible.
* Refrain from sending emails via scripts and mass mailing via scripts.
* If a mail client is being used to send/receive emails (Outlook, Thunderbird etc), please scan the entire PC where the email account is setup. The PC may be infected with malware operated by spambots.
*In case of linux shared hosting packages, scan your home directory using cPanel antivirus plugin.
We will keep this thread updated with the latest developments.  We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to this.

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